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Downloadable Resources

We have a variety of resources available for download. Check them out below:

Safety Plan

This is a plan that can be made in anticipation of a crisis. It prompts you to describe likely crisis scenarios then fill out strategies that you can use to cope.

Coping Skills Checklist

This is a supplement to our safety plan that can also be used individually. It is a list of coping skills divided by category: Relaxation, Distraction, Movement, Processing, and Sensory

Grounding Skills Checklist

This is a list of grounding skills separated into those used for fight/flight vs freeze responses. Different grounding techniques work for different scenarios.

Conflict Worksheet

This is a worksheet adapted from a Loving Justice workbook by  Kai Cheng Thom, MSc. We use this tool during conflict mediation because it challenges the reader to compare two conflict situations they have been in before asking the reader to list resources they might need in conflict.

Feelings Wheel

This tool allows you to more specifically describe your feelings and emotions via a visual scaffold

Plan Sékirité (Kreyol)

Sa a se yon plan ki ka fèt nan antisipasyon nan yon kriz. Li pouse ou dekri senaryo kriz posib epi ranpli estrateji ke ou ka itilize pou fè fas.

Konpetans pou Siviv (Kreyol)

Sa a se yon sipleman nan plan sekirite nou an ki ka itilize tou endividyèlman. Li se yon lis ladrès pou siviv divize pa kategori: detant, distraksyon, mouvman, pwosesis, ak sansoryèl.

Trauma Workbook

This online workbook is designed to help give structure to your individual or assisted trauma work. 


This is a blank Wellness Recovery Action Plan. Lavender Space does not own rights to this resource.

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